It Only takes one voice to change a life!

Sidney has had the opportunity to speak with groups of students as small as 5 to as large as 25,000 in efforts to inspire students all over Georgia through motivational speaking and workshops with notable organizations such as Georgia TSA and other private events.

Sidney was trained by Bryan Fiese in public speaking in 2008; he also attended several workshops provided by the Department of Education for public speaking and speech improvement.


God's plan will never be reduced for your life!

Sidney took heed to the call of evangelism after it became a burden to him to see how many ministries were disregarding the integrity of Christ and allowing anything in the house of God as a means of attracting the youth. In late 2014, God instructed him to re-launch MP with a new vision and mission. He consulted with his pastors and shared the vision in which God had given him to bring this generation back to Christ. With his pastor’s blessings, he and his team re-launched MP in January 2015 with the mission “to foster God’s gifts through provoking artisanship and applying principals of the word of God for a solid foundation.



Lights! Camera! Action! Change!

Although Sidney was unsure of where the road of filmmaking would lead him, Sidney was confident in his decision to return to Douglas, GA and begin making movies. Sidney's passion to become a filmmaker stemmed from his early years of video production in the Coffee County School System. He later obtained an Associate Degree of Arts in Video Production from the Art Institute of Atlanta before returning to his home community.