Sidney was born in Valdosta, Georgia at Moody Air Force Base and raised in the southern woods of Broxton, Georgia. Sidney often times found himself visiting the principals office due to him being very active throughout  his adolescent and teenage years. 

Although Sidney was unsure of where the road of filmmaking would lead him, Sidney was confident in his decision to return to Douglas, GA and begin making movies. Sidney's passion to become a filmmaker stemmed from his early years of video production in the Coffee County School System. He later obtained an Associate Degree of Arts in Video Production from the Art Institute of Atlanta before returning to his home community.

As a teenager, Sidney became driven to become an arts professional after watching Facing the Giants (Sherwood Pictures) and hearing the true story of Tyler Perry's struggle and success. 

Bryant engaged in his first production located at the Georgia Museum of Agriculture and Historic Village, in Tifton GA. The project did not deliver what his heart desired or what his financial optimism suggested. This stumble in his career only created a stronger urge to push forward and follow his dream. Sidney soon focused his attention on a new script and production titled Even Eye.

Even Eye was a great success for the small town of Douglas, Georgia, drawing crowds from as far as Kansas City, MI. People drove from miles and arrived on tour busses for the premiere. Bryant's work paid​ off when the 8 auditorium - [1500 seats total] were filled to capacity and people turned away at the door.

It was in early 2013 Bryant began pondering the idea of his next project, at the time he wanted to focus on fatherhood and impacting a larger audience. Bryant began by seeking investors to prepare for the idea of the project. After securing a $5000 investment from a group of investors, Bryant began writing the 120-page screenplay titled Surrender. In the coming months, Bryant and his fiancé gave birth to their first born child Sidney Deonte Bryant Jr. in May of that year and in July of the same year he and Evelyn Rogers were joined in Holy Matrimony in Fitzgerald, Georgia. Ironically enough Fitzgerald became the backdrop of Surrender. ​

In the early summer of 2014 Bryant and his team of 5 Partners, 10 Volunteer Crew Members, and 180 Actors & Extras set out to film Surrender. The City of Fitzgerald received the independent crew with gratitude and provided them with major locations, lodging, office space, transportation, prop vehicles and much more. The crew spent an excess of 41 days on location that summer and 14 days in the early months of 2015 shooting the film. Summer 2015, Bryant premiered Surrender at the Fitzgerald Theater. The theater seated 800 moviegoers and yes it was a successful full house. Moviegoers came from far and near to witness the unveiling of this profound movie that touched the hearts of many in the audience. "The film has an excellent story. The audience is in for an emotional roller coaster. Tragedy. Triumph. Good over evil. Devastating loss and spiritual renewal. All in all, this is a movie about love, and the power it has in our lives, our relationships with family and friends, and our faith. It shows men how to be fathers in Christ, but it shows everyone the love of our Father, God" says Bryan A. Ray who portrayed Jack Gibbons in Surrender.

In 2016, the Lord began to change Sidney's thoughts towards film production and urged him to remove his name from the brand of the company. After seeking the Lord, it came to Sidney to focus on doing what Christ has commissioned each of us to do and that is the work of the evangelist in compelling the lost to come to Christ; thus Compel Inner-Province became the name of Sidney's enterprise. Compelling Pictures is nested within the overall structure of the newly formed company.