Moment Lens

We set out to film KAIROS on the iPhone 8Plus using Moment lenses and Filmic Pro. Our goal was to push ourselves creatively and use only what we already had in our possession. 

The Process


5 Days | 3 Crew | 2 Actors | 1 Private Island

As five friends we set out to create something from nothing!  

Most people do not correlate solitude with serenity-especially within a society that is socially driven through technology. Often times seclusion is a requirement that we reject in our lives because we’d rather drown out chaos with streams of distractions. On Old House Cay, we were able to identify and appreciate the stillness of our surroundings because when God spoke, we were more inclined to hear him. For five days, the island became our sanctuary, the house our altar and we- the congregation. Each day we started our mornings giving reverence to a supreme and omnipotent God! Sidney, who is the director and writer of this project made it clear that the acknowledgement of God was the only way that this project would be successful.

Shot on Moment


So after months of searching for the right lens to do any type of quality shooting with the iPhone we landed on Moment. After months of reviews, and watching other shorts filmed with Moment- it was apparent this was the best choice! We spent many months in advance learning the uniqueness of the both the Tele Lens and the Wide Angle Lens and what originally seemed like a challenge turned into magic. We had hoped to obtain a demo of the Anamorphic lens for this project but the lens was still in production!  

Every aspect of this project with the exception of drone footage (DJI Spark) was shot with moment. From PR photos to the cover image we were determined to push the iPhone to the limit. 

We knew upfront we were not going to get the quality of the RED or ARRI Alexa or Cannon's C300 or any other budget friendly camera; however we knew if we worked to compose the shot, worked to get the color correct, and wrote a great story... Moment Lenses would take our production to the next level!

Filmic Pro
Using an iPhone presented it's challenges! From the start it's nearly impossible to have video village when using a mobile device... unless you are using a app like Filmic Pro! By using Filmic Pro to capture our shots it also enable us to have a secondary monitor.   
Filmic Pro
Using an iPhone also limited the dynamic range especially inside old house cay. Many challenges were faced because of the number of windows throughout the entire house letting natural light flood the entire set. Because of the sensor on the iPhone we had to make an executive decision to shoot using Filmic Pro's natural setting for interior scenes and Flat for most external scenes. We worked to create the most cinematic shot in camera because of our limitations.
Old House Cay, Hilton Head, SC.

Old House Cay... Wow! What a beautiful location we were blessed to film at! A location completed off the grid; literally off the grid! No cable, no where to go, no shopping trips, no news and limited cell service! We were literally stranded on an island for a Kairos experience. 

O God, thou art my God; early will I seek thee: my soul thirsteth for thee, my flesh longeth for thee in a dry and thirsty land, where no water is. Psalms 63:1
On a hot summer day in 2010, Sidney traveled to Albany Georgia hoping to locate the Sherwood production crew filming Courageous; in a matter of minutes he spotted Stephen Kendrick on a sidewalk overseeing a scene being shot with his brother Alex Kendrick, urged by his God Mother Sidney got out of the car and crossed the street to speak to Stephen Kendrick... What an awesome move that was. Sidney introduced himself and shared with Stephen how Sherwood Pictures had inspired him to pursue his dream of being a Christian Filmmaker. Stephen took a few minutes and prayed a special prayer over Sidney's life "Lord, I thank you for this brother who's heartbeat is for you, I pray that whatever Sidney and his team put their hand to do for your Glory; that it be blessed. 
We have seen God's hand move on every set we've produce; and Kairos was no different. Lives were changed, faith restored and new relationships were formed!


Taurus "T.S." Vaughn
DeVon Pierre
Tiffany Hayes
Nakia Brown
Larrina Ellison