"I Broke God's heart... but He still fixed mine."

Sidney Bryant Sr. founded Motivated Push Evangelistic Ministry [MP] in 2009 with the purpose of evangelizing the Gospel of Jesus Christ as advocates for today’s youth.

       His parents Charlene and Theodore Moore raised him in a house of faith and in doing so; he was taught the principals of Christ and was imparted wisdom from his spiritual leaders and parents. He began tarrying in services with his Pastor, Mother Cynthia Moore at the age of 8 and preached his first sermon at the age of 13. Since the age of 5, Sidney attended Glorious Deliverance Family Worship Center, Inc. under the leadership of Apostle Leviticus Moore, Jr.; from the age of 12 until he left for college he was a dedicated member working in many capacities throughout the ministry.

          Sidney took heed to the call of evangelism after it became a burden to him to see how many ministries were disregarding the integrity of Christ and allowing anything in the house of God as a means of attracting the youth. In late 2014, God instructed him to re-launch MP with a new vision and mission. He consulted with his pastors and shared the vision in which God had given him to bring this generation back to Christ. With his pastor’s blessings, he and his team re-launched MP in January 2015 with the mission “to foster God’s gifts through provoking artisanship and applying principals of the word of God for a solid foundation.

           He found himself unable to make services in Fitzgerald, Georgia regularly due to living in the Greater Atlanta area. So he began to seek God for a place to worship and leaders who could continue nurturing him. It was in 2015 Sidney was led to Chain Breakers Church International in Tucker,Georgia, where he was received as an evangelist and allowed to serve under the leadership of Apostle Timothy & Apostle Roberta Cutwright as an evangelist of the ministry. In the summer of 2015 Sidney began being trained in a leadership position in the ministry in carrying out direct orders from his Apostles. In early 2016 the Lord took the ministry through a transition and began to redirect Apostles Timothy & Roberta Cutwright for greater works in the body of Christ. With the ministry in transition, Apostle Timothy and his wife  commissioned Sidney to carry on the ministry as Pastor as they continued the Apostolic work.


               With this transition in leadership the ministry was also renamed the "Remnant Place" and relocated to Decatur, Georgia under the Chain Breakers Church International Fellowship. This was the training ground for Sidney as he continued to grow and learn the assignment of being a shepherd. 

               After months of praying and seeking God, Sidney was directed by the Holy Spirit to return to serve under Apostle Leviticus Moore Jr. at Glorious Deliverance in Fitzgerald Georgia. In the Summer of 2017 Apostle Moore commissioned Sidney to join his Father Pastor Theodore Moore, III at Kingdom Provision Deliverance Center, Inc. in Cochran Georgia. It was at Kingdom Fellowship's 2017 Holy Convocation that Sidney received his Certificate of License as a Minister at Kingdom Provision Deliverance Center, Inc. and now serves faithfully along side his Father and Mother as they build their Ministry in Cochran Georgia. 

             In the near future, Sidney will launch "Compel Inner-Province Fellowship Church" in the Savannah Georgia area. He is committed to serving God’s people in any capacity God sees fit to use him whether it be through films and/or sermons. The ultimate goal is to be found doing the work of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

             In addition to ministry, Sidney is the Founder of Compel Inner-Province, LLC. He also serves as the Writer, Director and Executive Producer of the company’s film division "Compelling Pictures". As an indie film company, the company has successfully produced two feature films Even Eye (2012), Surrender (2015) and a host of short films. In an interview with WALB’s Irisha Jones, Sidney stated “My movies send messages of love, hope and change.” which further shares the overall vision of Sidney’s ministry. Everything Sidney embarks upon is for the building of the Kingdom of God.