Visionary & Team Leader of The Bureau of Compellers

Sidney has had the opportunity to speak with groups of students as small as 5 to as large as 25,000 in efforts to inspire students all over Georgia through motivational speaking and workshops with notable organizations such as Georgia TSA and other private events.

Sidney was trained by Bryan Fiese in public speaking in 2008; he also attended several workshops provided by the Department of Education for public speaking and speech improvement.

In the early months of 2009- Sidney and several of his classmates established the Motivating Our Values to Excel (M.O.V.E.) Foundation, which was an organization that was student driven to motivate other students to get involved in school groups that were ideal for producing productive and successful students.  Sidney continued  the M.O.V.E. Foundation in college by linking up with Edward Anderson and Joy Conaway to further motivate students. They began traveling to  schools in the Metro Atlanta  area presenting free sessions that later contributed to their accessibility to  paid events. In 2010, each  member progressed in life and  eventually parted ways due to scholarly obligations-this later led Sidney to the sincere interest of his film career and graduation.

In 2016, Pastor Sidney felt it was necessary to reflect upon the many principals taught  to him and used them to propel his life forward- making it apparent that he still had an audience outside of the church who would  benefit from hearing his many messages in hopes that it may change lives. The Bureau of Compellers was later formed under his newly established company Compel Inner-Province LLC.

Sidney presented at GAHOSA's State Leadership conference on March 10, 2017