The Pound Cake Process     

Every student that has made a decision to attend college makes the mistake of rushing the process when things get uncomfortable. In this unique session Sidney uses his grandmother's methodical process of baking a pound cake to explore the process of students getting "From Semester one to Graduation". 

          This 30-45 minute session is a great tool for Admissions departments to host in an effort to maintain retention in their programs. Many first year students either drop out or change their major due to this uncomfortableness and feeling of stagnation. By understanding the process of baking a pound cake and relating each ingredient to a step towards graduation students realize that quitting isn't an option, and skipping a step will end in a disaster. 

The Flight of Destiny     

Often times one finds themselves in the midst of chaos while attempting to figure out their purpose in life. "A Born Leader" struggles most with having a sense of belonging, doing the right thing, excelling and the biggest struggle of them all is getting back up after a major crash landing.

          In this leadership session Sidney talks about the Flight of Destiny, and why one must be willing to travel alone on the plane ride, he teaches the principles of exploring Attitude and Altitude, Precious Cargo versus Dead Weight and Temporary Passengers versus Permanent Passengers". Students will learn to evaluate their life from the prospective of taking off and landing as a Boeing 787 Private Jet!

Becoming the Legendary Man       

The One Legendary Weekend event was developed to inspire African American men to change their mindset from living in the shadow of sin-to walking into a Legendary life with Christ! Our Goal is to reach  young men between ages of 15-25 all over the country.


Ultimate Objective(s) Include:

(1) God getting the glory for community impact through Biblical reference. (2) To efficiently and adequately equip young African American brothers with the tools necessary to change their direction for the better, (3) To stress the importance for men of God to seek God for His plan and to trust Him throughout the journey of life. (4) To address manhood through honorable and humble measures.