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Inspired by some of the world's greatest motivational speakers like Les Brown, Tony Robbins, Walter Bond and Richard Branson; Sidney pushes himself to inspire others through his Films, Seminars, Books and Sermons to  D.I.P. [be] Driven, Intentional and Persistent in pursing their dreams. To be Driven by their past circumstances, their life's ups and down, their fears and most importantly by their life's purpose. To be intentional in their actions taken to achieve success. To never sell out as a means of achieving their goals. To always be persistent in pursing destiny. From GATSA to center stage Sidney remains driven to inspire.

Brands and organizations that Sidney has presented for include but not limited to: 


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"When I am looking for individuals to motivate and inspire others, Sidney is the type of person I try to find."


~Tim Schmitt, Ed.D.

CTAE Director

Newton County School System