How we came to be

Since college Sidney has worked with Keith Phillip Jr. on producing songs written for  video productions. Both Sidney and Keith have written and produced all the songs below and will continue to write and produce for Compel Pictures and the new label:

Sound that Compel.

The Future

The Sound that Compel will soon begin signing new artists who desire to produce Christian music. 


We will also gather students from various colleges to produce scores heard throughout films produced by Compelling Pictures. 

Future Projects

The Sound that Compel is working towards partnering with music companies to produce the first ever "Mega Shed Competition" dedicated to Gospel Drummers from around the Country (2018). 



Work Coming Soon!



Surrender | 2014

Even Eye | 2012

Popularity Evil | 2012

Set Me Free - Courtney Darwin
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Broken| 2011

Broken - Jalissa Renne Smith
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